The Guaranteed Companies provide financial institutions, investors and owners the ability to coordinate all of its asset management needs in a single source. In today's economic market, financial institutions need a single source to provide them with a one call source providing the following services:

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This is the first step in the process. Partner will call Guaranteed Asset Management to inform of acquisition of asset. Guaranteed Asset Management and its personnel will recover the asset. At the time of acquisition Guaranteed Asset Management will provide Partner with detailed pictures of assets and if necessary use legal sources to obtain entry. Guaranteed Asset Management will determine the level of security which will need in securing this asset and advise Partner.


Once asset is recovered, if needed, Guaranteed Asset Management will proceed with inspection and securing utilities, cleaning out and securing all means of ingress and master key change locks, etc. Guaranteed Asset Management will winterize and secure all openings with plywood if needed. After the service, again Guaranteed Asset Management will provide pictures of the asset to the Partner.


Once the Asset is secured and winterized, Guaranteed Asset Management will provide a detailed Determination of Asset Value (Comparable Sales) it sits; as is. Guaranteed Asset Management will provide a realistic value of asset to determine the basis of the investment by Partner and if it is economically feasible to improve the value of the asset.

Once the determination is made to the basis of the Asset. Guaranteed Asset Management will provide a best use and feasibility analysis of asset for Partner. This will include the local market where asset is located, the possibilities of converting to a rental and then selling as Investment, or providing an alternative use to the asset.


If determined that asset should be upgraded or improved, Guaranteed Asset Management will provide its Partner with a detailed estimate to upgrade and improve property to maximize the income potential of asset. Once approved by Partner, Guaranteed Asset Management will contract work to be performed within the estimate and market accordingly.


After recovery and until the disposition of asset, Guaranteed Asset Management will provide weekly services of asset. This includes lawn maintenance, snow/ice maintenance and trash services. Each week a Guaranteed Asset Management employee will examine asset and provide detail pictures of asset to Partner via a secured web site. These pictures will be updated weekly and maintained for a month so Partner can review and view.


Once the Partner directed Guaranteed Asset Management to the asset disposition plan, Guaranteed Asset Management would employ its sister company Prudential Commercial brokerage to list the property for sale in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and all other available avenues. Prudential Commercial brokerage's personnel would asses the market the asset and bring the highest and best disposition value to the Partner.


Accurate asset reporting for partner protection

Guaranteed Asset Management will provide our partner with the most professional, accurate, honest, and Economically Feasible management of the asset and the highest possible disposition price available in the market.